Buy for groups

Each person in the group needs his own guest card. You can forward them after the purchase. Purchase a guest card with the data of the person for whom you want to purchase a guest card. Then tap on „Guest card“ and use the „share“ option in the...

My guest card is gone

Were you logged in when you bought it and are logged out now? Then log in again. The purchased guest card is visible again.

Why do I need a PIN?

With the PIN, you ensure that the guest card only reaches the person who is supposed to receive it.

Split guest card again

A card that has already been split can be split again. The card is valid only on the device with the current PIN.


You have the possibility to cancel your guest card up to three days before arrival. To do this, simply call up your guest card and select „Cancellation“. If you want to cancel after the actual arrival, please contact the tourist information directly.