Quick guide

The app automatically informs you about your guest tax obligation – or you scan the QR code with your smartphone, which is displayed in your guest room/holiday accommodation. You purchase the guest card directly via your smartphone – anonymously or with...


If you have made a mistake in booking, you can cancel and re-book up to 3 days before arrival. For cancellation after the scheduled start of the trip, please contact the tourist information.


You have the possibility to cancel your guest card up to three days before arrival. To do this, simply call up your guest card and select „Cancellation“. If you want to cancel after the actual arrival, please contact the tourist information directly.

Create account

Go to municipality and select a municipality. On the login page, select „REGISTRATION“. Enter your data and click on „Next“. Now you will receive a code by mail. Enter it and complete your registration.

Buy card for another person

Purchase a guest card as usual with the data of the person for whom you want to purchase a guest card. Then tap on „Guest card“ and use the „share“ option in the view of the guest cards you have purchased. Now you can forward the IDs of the...