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In many tourist communities, there is an obligation to pay a tourism tax. Our app (on the web or as an app on iOS or Android) shows both vacationers and day visitors, as well as business travelers or professionals/trainees, when they come to a municipality with a tourism tax obligation. Long lines in front of the tourism tax machines, rummaging for coins and paperwork were yesterday. Guests can now pay their tourism tax conveniently online – on site or at home.
Overnight guests also save time and effort: when they pay the tourism tax, the registration form is automatically generated and provided to the landlord.
All those who pay their tourism card with the app also receive a variety of discounts and benefits in many stores and at events.
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The user interface of the WELCMpass widget is a dialog window that can be integrated directly on a homepage, a booking route or another APP. If a guest books an accommodation (e.g. vacation apartment) on your homepage, he can book the tourism tax in this dialog in one “step”. Since this is then forwarded directly to the municipality, you as a host have no further effort: The collection of the tourism tax and forwarding to the municipality is omitted for you. However, you will receive an e-mail that the guest has correctly processed the tourism tax and the registration form.



Management Communities

This management tool enables municipalities to handle all tasks and processes related to tourism tax and registration certificate. Most of the tasks can be handled automatically. All tasks that require control or confirmation by the municipality can be done online. This includes, among other things, the control of the tourism tax and registration certificates (e.g. cancellation, release after verification), the prices and discounts, the benefits provided by the tourism tax, the processing of the annual tourism tax, statistics, abuse management, and much more. Rights and access management for different users of the municipality is also available.

Management Operations

The host management enables landlords (individual landlords and agencies) to check the tourism tax and the registration certificate of their guests online. In case of an incorrect entry, an appropriate action can be taken. If the guest’s entry is correct, no further action is required by the host. All procedures required by law (PSD2, BMG, etc.), e.g. the archiving of registration slips, are handled automatically as far as permitted. The host also has a wide range of options for statistical evaluation. Automated transfer to the state statistical office is also taken into account.

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