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Welcmpass – Innovation in the matter of visitor’s tax

Finally there is the software for handling the visitor’s tax, which I have been wishing for years. Online ticket purchase on the train has been common for a long time. Now you can also buy your ticket online at events, cinemas and theaters. With Welcmpass, this is also possible for the tourist tax. Welcmpass can map the tourist tax in any flavor. Personal data of overnight guests are collected according to the registration law. Day guests can pay the visitor’s tax electronically without providing personal data. Welcmpass recognizes when a guest has reached the conditions for the “flatrate of the tax” (annual tax) during the year, for example, in the case of several stays. Benefits for certain persons according to the municipal statutes are taken into account. There is also a solution for handling groups.


Implementation of Welcmpass in Dahme

The implementation of Welcmpass in Dahme is still a few weeks away. The decision is still very fresh. Our guests will receive an email with a personalized link in time before their arrival. Then only the personal data of the travelers and the payment information have to be entered. If you already want to have a look at Welcmpass, you can follow this link.

With WELCMPASS you can pay the visitor’s tax / tourism tax / OstseeCard via an electronic solution (with PC, tablet or smartphone) directly at the municipality / tourism service / administration. The labor-intensive data entry, printing of registration forms by the landlords or the tourism service is eliminated along with other work. The control is done by scanning a QR code, which is shown on the smartphone or a printout. This is a great step. I would like to thank the decision-makers of the municipality of Dahme, who are once again taking a step in the right direction with the introduction of Welcmpass. The Ostseebad Dahme was already early in the implementation of online registration data by landlords and has shown how nonsensical costs in the administration can be saved, at least in the area of tourism services.


Welcmpass can do even more

Welcmpass saves costs in the collection of registration form data, in the printing and administration of registration forms, in connection with the collection of the tourist tax from the landlord and in the settlement of the tourist tax between the municipality and the landlord. But that is not all.

  •     Contactless arrival is possible. Welcmpass thus accommodates landlords who are not on site and give the guest access to the accommodation via a key safe or an electronic door lock, for example.
  •     Thus with Welcmpass could be increased completely automatically the tax honesty.
  •     The purchase of the OstseeCard can be built analogous to auxiliary services or travel resignation cost insurance directly into the reservation distance.
  •     For landlords Welcmpass provides a helpful export possibility of the data for the national overnight accomodation statistics.
  •     The recorded data of the guests will be better and thus an important basis for decision making of the municipality
  •     Registration of accompanying dogs is possible
  •     Printing of the registration form is possible with the app on EC card terminals (e.g. in retail stores).
  •     Secure processing of all transfers and personal data, on the one hand with the digital signature according to SCA and PSD2, on the other hand according to the requirements of the DSGVO (Basic Data Protection Regulation). Automatic archiving and deletion.
  •     Simultaneous purchase of the OstseeCard and the parking ticket via Welcmpass possible.
  •     The municipality increases its liquidity because the money is available immediately and not after the settlement with the landlord.

The best comes at the end

When the OstseeCard was introduced a few decades ago, there was one big main argument. It was said that the acceptance of the visitor’s tax would be increased by integrated benefits from private companies (e.g. discounted admissions). The model back then didn’t skimp on barriers to entry. That’s why it was never implemented the way the (presumably well-paid) consultants came up with it. Welcmpass could deliver on that promise from the early days of the OstseeCard. With Welcmpass, vouchers, discounts or other benefits from private companies for paid visitor’s tax can be built in without any problems at all. And this brings me to the very end to one of the most pleasant points of this software.

Welcmpass is a software for handling a public task. However, the software does not feel like a public task but like a helpful tool. This is the reason why I have supported the implementation of Welcmpass in Dahme from the very beginning.

 07 March 2021

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