WELCMpass - Your online visitor tax-app
WELCMpass - Your online visitor tax-app

Online visitor tax-app: Advantages for landlords and businesses

Landlords save themselves the time-consuming billing of the tourist tax – the guest transfers directly to the municipality.
Traders benefit from an additional distribution channel – free of charge, with a high reach.

Fewer tasks for landlordsieter

If a guest uses the system, your tasks as landlord are reduced and limited to checking the registration and, if necessary, printing the registration form. Through digital payment, the guest pays the visitor tax tickets directly to the municipality. Time-consuming settlements between you and the municipality are no longer necessary.


Marketing advantages for businesses

The new, digital visitor’s tax management also offers advantages for service providers and businesses. Post your offers or discounts in the app and reach every guest who comes to the town. This guarantees you a high reach.

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