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02. Guests

For the actual purchase you will need, for example, your credit card number, depending on the payment method.

However, you do not enter any personal data in the app itself – you can book “anonymously”.

Yes. Both as an unregistered day guest and as an overnight guest you can book for several persons.
As a registered user (e.g. overnight guest) you enter your data and the data of your fellow travellers one after the other. If you want to use the app anonymously as a day guest, just enter the total number of people.

Yes, for example directly at the EC card terminal of a supermarket. If you select “Print” in the app for the spa card to be printed, you will receive a code and a PIN. You enter the code into the terminal and confirm with the PIN.

The application is also available on this website and – in some cases – on the homepage of your landlord if you have booked accommodation.

However, if you want to take advantage of price advantages e.g. in restaurants, at events etc., you need the App.

If you book a spa ticket as an overnight guest, a signature field appears after the booking. Here you only have to confirm the correctness of your personal details and sign digitally.

Yes, you tap on “Kurkarte” and use the “share” option in the view of the Kurkarten you have purchased. Now you can forward the IDs of the individual spa cards e.g. by e-mail to the smartphones of other people.

Were you logged in when you bought them and are you logged out now? Then log in again. The purchased spa ticket is visible again.

If you have confirmed the accuracy of your information for the registration certificate, it will be automatically forwarded to your accommodation, as they are responsible for receiving and keeping the registration certificates for one year.

You can access purchased tourism tax cards by tapping or clicking on cards at the bottom left.
You will then have an overview of all your tourism tax cards – past cards, currently valid cards and possibly cards that will only become valid in the future.
In the card overview, you will find a downward pointing arrow next to each card on the right. If you tap/click on it, you can view the respective card in full.

You can access purchased tourism tax cards by tapping or clicking on cards at the bottom left. Here you will also see your annual card.

Yes. when you register in the app, you can store preferences and favorites in your profile. If you tap on “Preferences”, these will be displayed with priority.

If your spa ticket is currently valid, tap on “Benefits”. Choose what you like and select the voucher and show it in the shop, restaurant or similar to redeem.

When you arrive at your holiday accommodation, a QR code will be posted there. If you scan it, the data of your accommodation will be automatically transferred and you do not need to type it in.

You tap on “Spa map” and then on “Show” of your current spa map. It will be displayed on your smartphone.

If you are staying in a hotel, holiday accommodation or similar, you are legally obliged in Germany to fill in a registration form.

03. Landlords

Yes, you can integrate an area on your homepage where the guest can make the digital payment of the spa tax directly to the municipality and create his registration form.

No. With the WELCMpass, the guest pays the spa tax directly to the municipality. You will receive a message by e-mail to check whether the spa tax has been paid – there is no need for you to collect and forward the spa tax.

With the access data you received from your municipality, log in to the backend. Search for your accommodation or create a new accommodation.
Afterwards you can use the button above to generate the QR code for your accommodation and send it to your guests. (see image).

In the management application, select Accommodations in the left margin. Once selected, you will see a plus sign in the upper right with the word New next to it. For each of your accommodations, select this one and enter the data of the corresponding accommodation. Guests will be able to see and select these accommodations in the WELCMpass app.
If you click on the name of one of your accommodations, you can generate a QR code for this accommodation. Post the QR code in the accommodation; your guests can then scan it and pay their tourism tax and generate the registration form.

04. Business

Please inform your local authority of this. They will set this information so that it is automatically visible to guests in the WELCMpass app.

05. Community

You set the fees in the WELCMpass Management Tool. The information is automatically transferred from the app.

In your WELCMpass Management Tool you have a detailed overview of all spa fees paid. If a guest pays their spa tax via WELCMpass, this is directly visible in your management tool.

Yes, you can assign read-only or write access to employees.

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