Advantages – Many options for display and integration

With payment of the tourism tax, the guest has access to a wide range of benefits (hereinafter referred to as “benefits”). This is different in each place and ranges from the free use of public transport, to the reduction of the entrance fee for swimming pools, to discounts on wardrobe or leisure activities. Benefits through the payment of the tourism tax are a very important component for the satisfaction of the guests and the acceptance of the tourism tax. Only if the guest can understand for which services he has to pay the tourism tax and which advantages he can enjoy in return, the willingness to pay the tourism tax will increase permanently.

However, these benefits do not have to be limited to the services provided by the municipality. Rather, there is also an opportunity for tradespeople to target customers through benefits and discounts. It is precisely the additional services offered by the trades (a free coffee with lunch, a discount on winter jackets, and much more) that make a visit particularly attractive for the guest. The tradesmen (restaurants, cafés, stores, etc.) are thus offered an additional sales channel. These advantages are therefore an important element in the competition – not only to other places, but also to online shopping.

Further advantages arise from the fact that some tourist resorts mutually recognize the tourism tax paid by their guests. In that case, if the guest has paid the tourism tax in one place and visits another place, he does not have to pay again there. If there is such a mutual recognition with other places, the guest can additionally enjoy the benefits of these places with mutual recognition. Thus, the region as a whole becomes even more attractive.
Advantages can be deposited in WELCMpass in many ways. Be it only for a landlord who has a special agreement, for example, with the local swimming pool, for the entire destination, or for all places that act in an association. Other specific criteria such as the use of benefits within a season, single or multiple use within a stay, etc. are also possible. Individual advantages can be assigned to specific preferences (e.g. sports, culture). Which target group may use the respective advantage can also be defined. A comprehensive statistical display is available so that the “benefit providers” are also informed about the extent to which the benefits they grant are used.

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