Baltic resort Mönchgut

Mönchgut Administration

Inhabitants (Dez. 2019): 1.360
GPS coordinates: 54.345 / 13.704

Alt Reddevitz, Gager, Groß Zicker, Klein Zicker, Lobbe, Mariendorf, Middelhagen and Thiessow.

Arrivals (2018): 120.000
Overnight stays (2018): 786,000

As the name suggests, it is monks to whom this dreamlike and varied peninsula owes its name. More than 750 years ago, the monks of the Eldena monastery received the „Land of Reddevitz“ as a gift and later acquired the southern part of the peninsula in addition. Separated from the rest of Rügen by the monks‘ moat, Mönchgut has preserved many of its traditions to this day. And you can still feel the breath of history here. Walk in the footsteps of Klaus Störtebeker, who sailed the Baltic Sea at the end of the 14th century, explore the island of Rügen from Mönchgut and enjoy the still pristine, untouched nature, which wears a charming dress in every season. Blooming rape fields in spring or mysterious avenue trees in winter will quickly make you forget your everyday life. People on Mönchgut have always lived in harmony with nature and its traditions. The landscape and the villages, buildings, customs and traditions still reflect this today.