Mr. Jochen Buchholz – spa director
Tourism and City Marketing Mölln
E-mail: buchholz@stadtmarketing-moelln.de

Inhabitants (Dec. 2019): 19.131
URL https://www.moelln-tourismus.de/
GPS coordinates: 53.630 / 10.691

Old Town/Center, Mölln-South, Mölln-North

Mölln – the Eulenspiegel town
In Mölln you are allowed to be a little foolish. After all, the famous jester Till Eulenspiegel spent the last years of his life here. Even today he is still up to some mischief, just as he likes it. So be careful that he doesn’t pull the wool over your eyes. Surrounded by water, forest and idyllic nature, the town has been a recognized Kneipp spa since 1970. Nestled in a chain of smaller and larger lakes, waterfans, recreational captains and nature lovers get their money’s worth. Well-preserved medieval treasures, coupled with culture and a modern range of services, also make Mölln an attractive place to visit. The magnificent old town around the town church of St. Nicolai, with the late medieval town hall and the historic market square is a listed monument and absolutely worth seeing.