Northsea Island Pellworm

Tourism Service Pellworm
25849 Pellworm

Inhabitants (Dec. 2019): 1.163
GPS Coordinate: 54.5016 / 8.700

Local districts:
Alte Kirche, Hooger Fähre, Junkersmitteldeich, Klostermitteldeich, Nordermitteldeich, Osterschütting, Parlament, Seegarden, Schmerhörn, Südermitteldeich, Tammensiel, Tilli, Waldhusen and Westerschütting.

Arrivals (2018): 72.253
Overnight stays (2018): 164.218

Pellworm – for many a journey into another world. The vacation and deceleration already begins when the Pellworm I sets off on Nordstrand. Glide gently over the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea, past sandbanks and seals, through the North Frisian island and Hallig world towards Pellworm. Once you arrive here, the clocks tick differently. Hectic and time pressure are left behind on the mainland.